Info seminar in Sagay City

Giant clam and abalone, how do Sagay City fishers appreciate thee?

Let us count the ways: First, the fishers attended AQD's information seminar, which discussed the biology of the two species stocked in Carbin reef.

Second, they participated in the management and conservation of the clams and abalone by vowing not to extract these molluscs from the protected site.

The activity was held in Molocaboc Island last March 13. This was in response to fisherfolks' request that surfaced in last year's validation meeting. The November 30 meeting was part of the activities of the study Socio-economic analysis of stock enhancement of abalone and giant clams in Sagay Marine Reserve.

AQD's Mr. Ramil Piloton and Ms. Ellen Flor Solis conducted the seminar on the appreciation and biology of giant clams and abalone. Dr. Nerissa Salayo gave updates on the project on stock enhancement; this was followed by an open forum moderated by Dr. Salayo and Ms. Dianne Hope Tormon.

The speakers made it clear to the participants that these species should not be extracted from the reef, and that it takes several years for them to mature and spawn. (Giant clams are actually protected from extraction under the Fisheries Code).

The information seminar was not only attended by fishers of Sagay, but also by different stakeholders (41 fishers, all barangay officials, 2 patrol staff of SMR, 1 social development worker-SMR, 1 abalone trader).

The information seminar ended with an eye opener on the part of fishers on the feasibility of ecotourism on areas where stock enhancement is taking place. Furthermore, they requested an ecotourism seminar for next time.

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