AQD at the 9th ISEP meeting

Information officers of the SEAFDEC Secretariat and Departments gathered in Singapore just before PCM (30 October to 1 November) to discuss the progress of SEAFDEC’s strategies to enhance public visibility and information dissemination.

The 9th Meeting of the information staff exchange program (ISEP) was held at SEAFDEC’s Marine Fisheries Research Department. Development Communication Section Head Ms. Milagros Castanos and Senior Information Assistant Luisa Pacino represented AQD.

Among others, the 9th ISEP suggested updates to SEAFDEC’s information strategies formulated in 2005, clarified definition and coverage of information/success indicators, and made tentative plans for a survey on the extent of stakeholders’ awareness of SEAFDEC programs.

After the reporting and discussions, the ISEP group visited Nanyang Technological University to meet up with the Director-General of the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre. Dr. Indrajit Banerjee gave practical advice on launching a media campaign, saying that SEAFDEC must first document in one reference all its accomplishments then work with media professionals to package these information for public consumption.

The group went next to one of the library complexes of the National Library Board of Singapore, and was impressed by its full automation and book drop off points. The library collects all books published in, about, or by Southeast Asia; and has spaces for cultural mini-exhibits (on the old writings of Singapore at the time of the visit) as well.

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