BFS senior staff visits ABOT client

AQD’s Binangonan Freshwater Station (BFS) senior staff Mr. Ruel Eguia visited the brackishwater pond of ABOT (agree-build-operate-transfer aquabusiness) client Mr. Chito Nepomuceno at Magallanes, Sorsogon last January 22-23.

The purpose of Mr. Eguia’s visit was to evaluate: (1) fishpond infrastructure and (2) preparation activities for the farm site. Mr. Nepomuceno is planning to culture milkfish and seabass and considering culturing tiger prawns as well.

Upon AQD’s advise, Mr. Nepomuceno replaced his pond’s primary and secondary wooden gates, fabricated screens and wooden slabs, cleared the dikes of weeds, levelled the pond bottom, readied the ponds for fertilization and liming, repaired eroded dikes, and positioned the pond’s main gate strategically.

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