AQD accepts trainees from seven countries

DSC01795From January to May, AQD welcomes trainees from Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Malaysia, Kenya, Singapore, Myanmar and the Philippines.

Freshwater aquaculture. Modules on freshwater prawn (19-23 January), tilapia (23-27 February), farm-based feeds (26-27 January), and culture of natural food organisms (26 to 30 January and 23-27 March) were conducted for six from the private sector in the Philippines.

Fish health management. This was arranged for Mr. Abdulmohsen Ibrahim Alasous of the King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology in Saudi Arabia who trained from 9 to 25 March.

Cage and pond culture of selected marine species. Four attended: Mr. Hussain Ahmed of Maldives, Mr. Ronnie Guiral of General Santos City, Ms. Qisma Omar of Zamboanga City, Mr. Mark Lawrence Pleyto of Makati City and Ms. Rubelie Rayos of Pangasinan. They trained from 10 to 24 March. Ms. Rayos, class chair, was almost in tears as she related how she found AQD as the right institution to get the right training. She now feels confident to run the 50-ha farm she inherited, thanks to her trainers who unselfishly shared their know-how.

Training course on crab hatchery and grow-out. The training started last April 14 at AQD’s Tigbauan Main Station. Nine participants – Mr. David Mirera from Kenya; Mr. Yap Yih Kang from Malaysia, Messrs. Francisco Quinto, Edgardo Samane, Emiliano Aralar, Cupid Elejan and Nemesio Calimutan from the Philippines; and Messrs. Chia Chee Kong and Kua Cherng Yuh from Singapore – and 2 observers (Ms. Eda Leslie Samane from the Philippines and Ms. Naw Deborah from Myanmar took part in the training. The training aims to provide the participants with technical skills and knowledge in crab seed production and grow-out (with emphasis on Scylla serrata) so that the participants can establish/operate a crab hatchery and learn nursery and grow-out techniques. The training ended May 5.


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thank you for your services of training program mes but you are giving only 7 countries like Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Malaysia, Kenya, Singapore, Myanmar and the Philippines; and an intern from Singapore. So we are requesting to add our country INDIA lot of people will be beneficial. Please give your international training programmes details.
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nagesh said...

thank you for your training to the 7 countries. So we are requesting to add our country INDIA. Please give details of international trainings.
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