New backyard marine fish, abalone hatchery at AQD

DSC03543 The construction of a Marine fish and abalone backyard hatchery near FishWorld at AQD’s Tigbauan Main Station started middle of May and is scheduled to be inaugurated in July.

The backyard hatchery has an area of 896 sq. m with gravel bedding and perimeter fence made of bamboo posts and hogwire.

The hatchery area devoted to marine finfish will have 6 units of 10-ton circular larval rearing tanks (LRT), 10 units of 10-ton circular natural food culture tanks (NFT), and 12 units of 2-ton circular nursery tanks (NT). LRT and NFT are made of rubberized canvas with marine plywood support while NT are made of concrete.

The abalone area on the other hand will have 6 units of 10-ton rectangular settlement tanks, 4 units of 5-ton rectangular diatom culture tanks, and 4 units of 10-ton rectangular secondary nursery tanks. These tanks are made of rubberized canvas with bamboo frames/support.

In addition, each hatchery area has its own independent pre-filtered seawater supply system with 2 HP centrifugal pumps and 1 HP roots blower for aeration. The hatcheries also have concrete drain pits and main canal for harvesting and drainage.

Furthermore, the backyard hatchery has a common harvest and work areas, storeroom, equipment room, and roof structure.

The backyard hatchery aims to produce and sell reasonably priced abalone juveniles and marine fish fry and fingerlings to grow-out operators while showcasing AQD technologies.

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