Review of GOJ-TF funded projects at AQD


GOJ-TF review meeting

On December 9-10, the Annual progress meeting of Government of Japan-Trust Fund programs in AQD was held in Iloilo. A total of 32 studies comprising three projects were evaluated during the meeting. The three projects were (1) Development of fish disease surveillance system; (2) Development of technologies and human capacity building for sustainable aquaculture; and (3) Stock enhancement for threatened species of international concern. Dr. Motohiko Sano and Dr. Koichi Okuzawa of the Fisheries Research Agency (Japan) evaluated the projects. Mr. Tadahiro Kawata from the SEAFDEC Secretariat was also present to give his comments. Participants included scientists and research staff from AQD, University of the Philippines Visayas, the Department of Fisheries Administration (Cambodia), Department of Fisheries (Myanmar), Research Institute for Aquaculture 2 and 3 (Vietnam), Research Institute for Freshwater Aquaculture (Indonesia), and Inland Aquatic Animal Health Research Institute (Thailand).

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