Lambunao sites assessed for fish culture

DSC00783 Upon the invitation of LGU officials, AQD visited the town of Lambunao, Iloilo last January 15 to assess potential demonstration sites for tilapia culture.

Lambunao Mayor Raynor Gonzales is interested in providing aquaculture livelihood to local farmers whose fields were wiped-out by Typhoon Frank last June 2008.

AQD’s Dr. EG Ayson, Dr. MJHL Ramos, Ms. KG Corre, and Ms. RF Bombeo visited three sites in Brgy. Masisi and Brgy. Tampicao and found two of the sites suitable for the pilot-demonstration of tilapia pond and cage culture.

The two sites, with a combined area of over 600m2, have existing pond compartments, are flood-free, and can tap the adjacent river as a water source.

The owners of the sites are all enthusiastic to collaborate with the LGU and AQD for the establishment of pilot-demo sites in their areas.

Town officials hope to establish five demo sites in all through local funding and AQD’s technical assistance.
AQD is currently preparing a project proposal and budget estimates for the livelihood program.

Once approved, a season-long training course will be conducted to prepare the beneficiaries.

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