Sasapim, Nilobon, and Suwaree

On February 26, AQD bade farewell to three on-the-job trainees from Thailand, Ms. Suwaree Kitikiew, Ms. Nilobon Janwong, and Ms. Sasipim Namwongprom who have been training in the department for four months since November 3 last year.

These three undergraduate students were studying Fisheries Technology and Aquatic Resources at the Maejo University in Chiangmai before their training in AQD.

In four months, they had internship training at the Natural Food Laboratory, Fish Hatchery, Abalone and Seaweed Hatchery, Fish Health Section, Feed Mill Plant, Central Analytical Laboratory, the IMS Mariculture Park, Crustacean Hatchery, DBS, and also attended the Training of Trainers on Rural Aquaculture last November 2008.

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