Guests visit AQD stations

KSA dignitaries visit AQD

AQD's Ms. Bernardita Eullaran shows off the milkfish larvae raised at AQD’s integrated hatchery to Dr. Felix Ayson, Dr. Anwar Eissa Al-Sunaiher and Mr. Baheej Mohammad RasemDr. Anwar Eissa Al-Sunaiher, Aquaculture Department Director of the Ministry of Agriculture of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA); Mr. Baheej Mohammad Rasem, Fish Farming Center (FFC) Director of Jeddah, KSA visited AQD’s Tigbauan Main Station (TMS) from August 3-7.

Dr. Al-Sunaiher and Mr. Baheej were accompanied by Dr. Felix Ayson, a former AQD scientist and currently the Chief Technical Adviser of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. They visited AQD to discuss future collaborations between AQD and FFC and learn about its various research programs and see its research facilities.

On their first day at TMS, they were briefed about AQD’s research activities by Research Division Head Dr. Evelyn Grace Ayson. Specialists on AQD’s research programs, namely Dr. Mae Catacutan (nutrition and feed development), Dr. Gilda Lio-Po (fish health), Dr. Relicardo Coloso (marine fish), Dr. Fe Dolores Estepa (mud crab and shrimp domestication), and Ms. Ma. Rovilla Luhan (seaweed strain improvement) were also present during the meeting.

The visitors toured AQD’s library, hatcheries and laboratories at TMS, Dumangas Brackishwater Station (DBS), and Igang Marine Station (IMS).

PBA cager, missionaries, private sector tour AQD

Research Division Head Dr. Evelyn Grace Ayson (leftmost) talks about the AQD hatchery with Mr. Rey Evangelista (rightmost) and family AQD's Mr. Charlemagne Recente shows the missionaries the seahorses cultured at AQD Former Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) player Mr. Rey Evangelista together with his family dropped by AQD to see AQD’s museum (the FishWorld) and hatcheries last July 15.

Fifteen young missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, on the other hand, toured AQD last August 28. Among the facilities they visited include the FishWorld museum and the seahorse, abalone and integrated hatcheries.

Also visiting AQD were Mr. Jonah Nobleza Mr. Zemar Jul of Strategic Development Cooperation Asia from Davao City last May 11-15; Ms. Narisa Lintorio, Ms. Rowena De Mesa and Mr. Yan Mark Cabanes from Iloilo City last June 4; and Mr. Stephen Sungkip and eight other personnel from Action for Enterprise (AFE) based in Cebu City last June 24-25.

RiSci at BFS

AQD Associate Researcher Ms. Antonietta Evangelista (leftmost) briefs students on BFS’ activities at the bighead carp hatcheryAQD’s  Binangonan Freshwater Station (BFS) played host to the faculty and students of Rizal National Science High School (RiSci) based in Binangonan, Rizal. 

The visit, which took place last May 22, aimed to expose the students to various research facilities of BFS and acquaint them on the different research and training undertakings of AQD.  The visit also gave students some insights in preparing a research proposal.

The visitors – comprised of more than 200 students, six teachers and four Parent, Teacher and Community Association (PTCA) officers – were divided into two batches during the lecture presentation, and into four during the tour of facilities.

The visitors were fascinated with the varied aquatic life forms reared and maintained at the station.

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