Private sector thanks AQD

Ms. Betty Lua, AQD Chief Dr. Joebert Toledo, and Mr. Fortunato Sanchez Jr. sign the closure agreement (seated, 3rd to 5th from left, respectively) as witnessed by the Lua family members AQD Chief Dr. Joebert Toledo signed the closure agreement with AQD’s private sector clients Ms. Betty Lua and Mr. Fortunato Sanchez Jr. on April 27 in their milkfish farm in Cebu City, Philippines. The technical assistance extended by AQD is under its ABOT Aquanegosyo program or Agree-build-operate-transfer aquabusiness which is AQD’s technology transfer mechanism for fish farmers and investors that is open to the region.




The Lua family farm in Cebu The Lua farm has a total area of 80 ha, but only 34 ha were developed for milkfish culture by AQD. From 2 tons of milkfish harvest in 2007, AQD was able to increase production to 36 tons in 2009. Ms. Lua said she was “very thankful that at least SEAFDEC is open to sharing with us their technology” and “giving us a chance to develop and fully utilize the area.”






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