AQD joins AgriLink, Pinoy Aquatic Fair

To showcase its science-based technologies, publications, training programs, and other services, AQD participated in two fairs last September and October.

Centerpiece of the trade fair featuring aquaria with freshwater and marine species provided by AQD and private aquaculture farmsAgrilink/Foodlink/Aqualink.
Taking part in the “most influential trade fair on agriculture, food and aquaculture,” AQD set up its booth to showcase its expertise, technologies, and information materials during the Agrilink/Foodlink/Aqualink 2009 which was held at the World Trade Center-Metro Manila in Pasay City last October 8-10.

Binangonan Freshwater Station (BFS) and Manila Office (MO) staff took turns in manning the booth, providing free consultation, and distributing AQD publications to the numerous exhibit guests.

The centerpiece of the Foodlink/Agrlink/Aqualink exhibit were aquaria containing freshwater and marine aquatic species provided by AQD and private aquaculture farms. The AQD booth on the other hand had an aquarium containing freshwater prawns and flasks with freshwater algae. A large LCD monitor was used to play various AQD institutional and instructional videos.

Dr. MLC Aralar (rightmost) giving consultations to guests at the AQD boothWith the large number of guests, AQD earned more than 45 thousand pesos in book sales with the manuals on tilapia and abalone hatchery topping the list as bestsellers. Free flyers and institutional reports were also given.

A growing demand was also noted for information materials on milkfish grow-out, grouper, siganids, marine fish hatchery, and feeds & feeding.

Upon the request of Agrilink organizers, Associate Researcher Mr. Ruel Eguia gave a seminar on the business prospects of koi breeding and farming while Scientist Dr. Ma. Lourdes Aralar gave two lectures on freshwater prawn farming and white shrimp farming. MO Head Ms. Grace Garcia also served as technical resource person for the Aqualink Special Setting.

This year’s Agrilink, Foodlink, and Aqualink revolved around the theme Sustainable food production: focus on the Filipino market and was organized by the Foundation for Resource Linkage and Development Inc.

2nd Pinoy Aquatic Fair. In another fair, AQD was given an award for having the best aquatic technology (private sector) during the 2nd Pinoy Aquatic Fair held last September 18-20 at the AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center in Quezon City.

The fair was a project of the Agri Aqua Network International Inc (AANI) in collaboration with Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR), the private fishing industry, Aquaria Manila, REEF Philippines, Philippine Game Fishing Foundation, Quezon City LGU, and the Quezon Memorial Circle administration.

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