AQD welcomes new SEAFDEC Secretary-General

From left: AQD Chief Dr. Joebert Toledo gives a tour of AQD facilities to SEAFDEC Secretary-General Dr. Chumnarn Pongsri and Mr. Somnuk Pornpatimakorn The new SEAFDEC Secretary General Dr. Chumnarn Pongsri visited AQD last October 16-17 to familiarize himself with AQD’s programs, facilities, and personnel.

Dr. Pongsri replaced Dr. Siri Ekmaharaj who completed his four-year term as SEAFDEC Secretary-General last September 30. Prior to his nomination, Dr. Pongsri served as an Expert in Ecology at the Department of Fisheries (Thailand).

Travelling with Dr. Pongsri was Mr. Somnuk Pornpatimakorn, Administration and Finance coordinator of SEAFDEC.

AQD Chief Dr. Joebert Toledo toured Dr. Pongsri and Mr. Pornpatimakorn around the facilities in Tigbauan Main Station (TMS) and Dumangas Brackishwater Station (DBS) and introduced them to the study leaders and heads of various offices.

In a speech to AQD staff, Dr. Pongsri shared his views on the sustainable development of aquaculture in the Southeast Asian region and his appreciation for what AQD has achieved during its “very, very long history.”

Dr. Pongsri also stressed that the value and potential of AQD does not lie only in its facilities but more importantly on its human resources.

“The value of the facility itself is high already, but the value of the human resources here is even higher. With your ability, with your expertise, AQD can have a very strong progress in the future in targeting many new challenges, many new species, a lot of activities, a lot of achievements.”

In closing, Dr. Toledo added that he and Dr. Pongsri “have plenty of work to do,” but they are also faced with a shortage in funds.

“We will be discussing how to attract funds by working together, making concept papers, and helping each other in reaching out to various donors,” Dr. Toledo added.

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