Visitors from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Visitors from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with RD Head Dr. EG Ayson (standing, 2nd from left), Chief Dr. JD Toledo (standing, 4th from left), and Dr. RV Pakingking (standing, 5th from left) Eleven visitors from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) dropped by AQD last October 19-21 to tour the different facilities and explore possible fields for research collaboration.

The group was composed of 2 professors and 9 graduate and undergraduate students from the Faculty of Biosciences and Engineering of UTM led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fahrul Zaman Huyop.

On their first day, the visitors were toured by AQD Scientist Dr. Rolando Pakingking around the different facilities in TMS. They also met with AQD Chief Dr. Joebert Toledo and Research Division (RD) Head Dr. Evelyn Grace Ayson in the afternoon to discuss possible future research collaborations and the possibility of coming up with an agreement between AQD and UTM.

Upon the invitation of Dr. Ayson, the group held an informal poster exhibit at the RD lobby the next day which allowed the UTM students to interact with AQD staff.

On the last day of their academic tour, the group visited AQD’s Dumangas Brackishwater Station (DBS) in the morning and presented three research papers in the afternoon. Dr. Huyop’s paper was on the Use of 3-chloropropionic acid dehalogenase gene as selection marker for Escherichia coli. Mr. Salehhuddin Hamdan discussed the Effect of effective microorganisms on catfish aquculture, while Mr. Azzmer Azzar Abdul Hamid’s paper was on the Identification of Pseudomonas sp. strain S3 using polymerase chain reaction.

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AzzmerAzzar said...

thank u to all those guys in SEAFDEC bcoz giving us the best hospitality and also an opportunity in presenting our works there. .Ur kindness will never be forgotten.. -Azzmer Azzar (Postgrad student, UTM,Malaysia)