AQD co-sponsors Philippine shrimp congress

AQD co-sponsors shrimp congressAddressing the issue of diseases was the main focus of the 7th Philippine shrimp congress held March 17-19 at the Planta Hotel, Bacolod City. The congress was organized by PHILSHRIMP in cooperation with AQD, DA-BFAR and DOST.

Foreign and local experts who spoke during the congress have agreed that, to improve the quality of indigenous shrimp species, breeding programs must be supported to come up with highly disease-resistant seedstock. Upgrading of laboratory facilities used in screening emerging viruses and microbes can also help prevent the spread of diseases because of early detection. For growers, it would help if organic farming methods are developed.

AQD Scientist Dr. Emilia Quinitio presented the updates of AQD’s research on crustaceans. Five more senior staff attended while other AQD staff served on the congress secretariat. AQD also put up an exhibit booth.

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