GOJ-TF has new set of projects for aquaculture

With 2009 being the final year for GOJ-Trust Fund IV, a new set of projects will be implemented for 2010-2014 under the ASEAN-SEAFDEC Strategic Partnership (ASSP) and Fisheries Consultative Group FCG) programs funded by GOJ Trust Fund.

AQD Deputy Chief and GOJ-TF manager Dr. Teruo Azuma noted that the our new projects are (1) resource enhancement of internationally threatened and over-exploited species in Southeast Asia through stock release; (2) accelerating information dissemination and capacity building in fish health management in Southeast Asia; (3) promotion of sustainable and region-oriented aquaculture practices; and (4) food safety of aquaculture products in Southeast Asia.

For resource enhancement, the focus will be on improving hatchery and nursery technologies for internationally threatened and over-exploited species so that there will be quality seedstock to release in selected areas.

For fish health, the focus will be rural communities or small-scale farms so on-farm health management will be developed.

For sustainable aquaculture, studies will focus more on selective breeding as this is a key factor in producing commodities with faster growth, better reproductive performance and higher disease resistance.

For food safety, AQD will work with its sister department in Singapore, the MFRD, to conduct studies on antibiotics and chemicals to ensure safe aquaculture products.

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