New flyers and videos

Seed Production of Tilapia  Seed production of tilapiadescribes the hatchery and nursery techniques for Oreochromis niloticus in net cages




Grow-out production of Tilapia

Grow-out production of tilapia – includes the technology profile and grow-out culture of O. niloticus in ponds




Seed Production of Asian catfish

Seed production of the Asian catfishcontains technology profile, catfish spawning and larval rearing techniques of Clarias macrocephalus





Grow-out Production of Asian catfish

Grow-out production of Asian catfish – contains technology profile, site selection and grow-out culture in ponds of C. macrocephalus





Igang Marine Station – shows the facilities and activities at AQD’s station in Guimaras

Dumangas Brackishwater Station – shows the facilities and projects of AQD’s station in Iloilo

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