AQD signs accords with WorldFish and a private entity

WorldFish Center Director-General Dr. Stephen Hall and AQD Chief Dr. Joebert Toledo AQD and the Malaysia-based WorldFish Center signed a memorandum of understanding on 21 July in Penang, Malaysia for joint research & training activities, exchanges of experts, and co-ownership of intellectual property of research results in the area of sustainable small-scale aquaculture development. WorldFish Director-General Dr. Stephen Hall and AQD Chief Dr. Joebert Toledo signed on behalf of their respective institutions.

AQD also has a new agreement signed 16 September with a private company, the Singapore-based GAIA Mariculture, to provide technical assistance and extend its science-based

technologies on integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) in the GAIA farm in Cebu, the Philippines. The IMTA project involves sea cucumber, pompano & seaweeds, and will also seek the collaboration of human communities in Ronda Bay area in aquatic conservation measures.


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