GOJ Trust-funded projects at AQD are reviewed

L-R: Ms. Frances Nievales, Mr. Antonio Pasaylo, Mr. Bobby Togle, and Dr. Nerissa SalayoTo ensure that AQD’s research efforts under GOJ-TF5 (Government of Japan Trust Fund Cycle 5) are on track and on schedule, a semi-annual progress meeting was held 13-15 July and 26 July. AQD Deputy Chief and GOJ-TF co-manager Dr. Teruo Azuma presided over the meeting, encouraging feedback and active discussion from the AQD study leaders who presented their preliminary results.

TF5 focuses on four areas namely: (1) promotion of sustainable and region-oriented aquaculture practices, (2) food safety of aquaculture products in Southeast Asia, (3) accelerating awareness and capacity-building in fish health management in Southeast Asia, and (4) resource enhancement of internationally threatened and over-exploited species in Southeast Asia through stock enhancement. This new set of projects is being implemented from 2010 to 2014 under the ASEAN-SEAFDEC Strategic Partnership (ASSP) of the Fisheries Consultative Group mechanism.

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