AQD joins three Philippine congresses

16th Philippine Society for Microbiology-Visayas Chapter Annual Meeting and Scientific Convention
Several AQD staff participated in the 16th Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc. (PSM) - Visayas Chapter Annual Meeting and Scientific Convention last October 16-17 at Mambukal Resort Convention Center in Murcia, Negros Occidental.

Mr. Norwell Brian Bautista & Mr. Demy Catedral of the Fish Health Section, and Mr. Francis Legario of the Nutrition & Feed development Section presented papers entitled "Experimental susceptibilty of pompano Trachinotus blonchii to viral nervous necrosis virus (VNNV)," "Isolation and characterization of oxytetracycline-resistant bacteria associated with the rearing water of hatchery-reared mudcrab (Scylla serrata)" and "Identification of Lactobacillus sp. isolated from milkfish Chanos chanos Forsskal using 16s rRNA gene sequencing" respectively.

The following AQD staff on the other hand presented posters.
• Mr Joseph Faisan Jr. (Fish Health Section) - "Enhancement of immune responses of high value aquaculture species (E. fuscoguttatus and P. monodon) by immunostimulant administration"
• Ms. Ma. Thesa Billena-Hagy (Biotech Office) - "Electron microscopy at SEAFDEC
• Ms. Dianne Aster Yunque (Farming Systems & Ecology Section) - "Ice-ice associated bacterium isolated and characterized from infected Kappaphycus striatum var. green sacol tissue"

In addition, AQD scientists Dr. Gilda Lio-Po and Dr. Relicardo Coloso gave a lecture on recent developments in the study and surveillance of koi herpes virus (KHV) in Asia and biochemical characterization of bacteria isolated from the digestive tract of the milkfish Chanos chanos and its use in the improvement of the nutritive value of ingredients for milkfish feed, respectively.

Dr. Rolando Pakingking headed the convention’s organizing committee as his last official function as PSM-Visayas President. Mr. Bautista, Mr. Catedral and Mr. Ave Aron Araña of Devcom Section served as recording secretary, corresponding secretary and technical support respectively.

National summit on saline tolerant tilapia
Mr. Ruel Eguia, associate researcher in BFS, represented AQD at the First national summit on saline tolerant tilapia held at the Asian Fisheries Academy, BFAR-NIFTDC compound, Dagupan City last October 2-3.

The summit’s aims were to: (1) gather all fisheries players from the academe, government, non-government and private sector to formulate the road map for research, development and extension (R, D & E) for saline tolerant tilapia, (2) document the R, D & E and gaps on saline tolerant tilapia and (3) identify the package of technologies on saline tolerant tilapia for dissemination and promotion.

Mr. Eguia served as moderator in the session "Culture techniques for saline tolerant tilapia."

Hipon Summit 2008
AQD Chief Dr. Joebert Toledo together with AQD scientists Dr. Ma. Lourdes Aralar, Dr. Maria Rowena Eguia, Dr. Leobert de la Peña, Dr. Fe Dolores Estepa, Dr. Celia Pitogo, and Dr. Emilia Quinitio participated in the Hipon Summit 2008 hosted by BFAR-NIFTDC held last August 21 to 22 in Dagupan City.

Dr. Eguia presented a paper on the status and prospects of high health Penaeus vannamei broodstock production while Dr. dela Peña presented a paper on diseases of P. vannamei and diagnostic services. Dr. Aralar and Dr. Pitogo on the other hand acted as moderators in summit sessions.

The oath-taking of new officials of the Philippine Aquaculture Society wherein Dr. Toledo is the new president and Dr. Pitogo is the vice president for the Visayas also took place.

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