Dr. JHP one of Time’s Heroes of the Environment

Dr. Jurgenne Primavera, Scientist Emerita of AQD, is the only Filipino featured in Time Magazine’s cover story on Heroes of the Environment 2008.

Dr. Primavera was cited for her groundbreaking work on the life cycles of tiger prawns in the Philippines and for campaigning for sustainable aquaculture to protect the mangroves. Dr. Primavera recommends a four-to-one ratio of mangroves to farm ponds so that nature and aquaculture both flourish.

In response to the well wishes that came her way, Dr. Primavera said, “Thank you for your congratulations. And thank you to Time’s Hannah Beech for stating so clearly that I am not and have never been against aquaculture in my mangrove advocacy. My paradigm is that of mangroves and ponds existing side by side, carefully balanced to protect the environment while sustaining food production. And it is the mandate of SEAFDEC/AQD to establish and continuously refine the parameters of that balance.”

The 30 heroes, classified as leaders & visionaries, moguls & entrepreneurs, activists, and scientists and innovators, also featured the likes of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, writer Kim Stanley Robinson, and environmental activist Annie Leonard.

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