JIRCAS senior researcher visits AQD

JIRCAS (Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences) senior researcher Dr. Satoshi Watanabe visited AQD last October 28 to 31 to discuss the feasibility of a research project on co-culture of shrimp and sea cucumber in collaboration with SEAFDEC.

AQD extended help to Dr. Watanabe thru the Deputy Chief Dr. Ogata in gathering relevant information. Dr. Watanabe spent his first day at AQD touring the hatchery of the UPV-DOST sea cucumber seed production and stock enhancement project (a collaboration with SEAFDEC and GOJ) together with Dr. Ogata and Ms. Rema Sibonga, the project’s research assistant.

Next, Dr. Watanabe with Dr. Ogata and some AQD staff went to Talotoan and other nearby islands in Concepcion, Iloilo last October 30 to observe and gather data on the natural habitat and existing species of sea cucumber in the area. On the 31st of October, Dr. Watanabe, Dr. Ogata and Mr. Garibay went to Igang Marine Station where further data was gathered on the sea cucumber project.

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