AQD assists in HRD training in Lao PDR

Participants of the HRD on-site training course on rural aquacultureLao PDR played host to the first session of the Human resources development (HRD) on-site training course on rural aquaculture from September 1 to 7.

The training, aimed to build the capacity of farmers in rural aquaculture to improve their livelihood and alleviate poverty, was conducted in the Nalao clusters of PhonHong District, Vientiane Province.

AQD Scientist Dr. Maria Rowena Eguia and Training and Information Division Head Mr. Renato Agbayani provided technical and logistical support during the training, which was coordinated by Ms. Nouhak Liepvisay and Mr. Akhane Phomsouvanh of the Lao PDR Department of Livestock and Fisheries (DLF). The training gave Ms. Liepvisay the opportunity to share the skills and knowledge she acquired as one of the participants in the Training of trainers on HRD held at AQD last November 10-19, 2008. 

The first leg of the training focused on freshwater aquaculture, particularly in tilapia and integrated fish farming/polyculture. Topics discussed during the seven-day activity included site selection; cage/pond design and construction; water and fish health management; seed production, nursery and grow-out techniques for tilapia and other freshwater species; feeds and feeding; and costs-and-returns analysis. Also scheduled were field demonstrations and visits to the Agricultural Development and Service Center, the fish processing areas in Vang Vieng, and the farm site of one of the trainees.

The trainees found the training generally satisfactory. According to Dr. Eguia, the training was a work-in-progress, with a flexible schedule where topics varied depending on the needs and demands expressed by the trainees.

The training in Lao PDR was the first in a series of 8 sessions, with one each to be conducted in 8 SEAFDEC member-countries.

The training series is being implemented by SEAFDEC as a center-wide project under the HRD on poverty alleviation and food security by fisheries intervention in the ASEAN region. It is funded by the Japan-ASEAN Solidarity Fund of the ASEAN Foundation.

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