WiFi @ AQD

WiFi antenna at the dormitory rooftop To expand AQD’s internet access, a Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) antenna was installed at the rooftop of the Tigbauan Main Station dormitory last July 7.

It has an ideal coverage of 500 m radius.

The purpose of the WiFi installation are to (1) give AQD trainees 24/7 internet access during their stay at AQD and (2) generate income through the offering of prepaid access cards to the AQD community. Subscribers will have internet access from 6 pm to 7 am during weekdays (so as not to hamper with the internet access of AQD offices) and full access during weekends. Fee of the prepaid access will be half of the current internet carriers’ rate.

AQD’s computer network office earlier tested the setup through free internet access tickets valid for July.

The WiFi is a D-link DWL-7700AP that supports a/b/g WiFi technology with a 12-dbi external antenna.

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