Typhoon Ondoy affects AQD’s Binangonan station

BFS catfish cages situated in Laguna Lake before (left) and after Ondoy Typhoon Ondoy (international name: Ketsana), which hit the Philippines last September 24-26, left behind massive damage to lives and properties in its wake. AQD’s Binangonan Freshwater Station (BFS) was not spared of its fury.

Some BFS pens and cages in Laguna Lake were submerged. BFS staff managed to retrieve stocks from the submerged cages and transfer them to tanks. The BFS disaster brigade, headed by Technician Federico Reyes, together with guards of the Carmela Security Agency, helped save 75% of the lake-based stocks. Some that were affected included the catfish stocks of Associate Researcher Ms. Antonietta Evangelista, prawn and tilapia stocks of Scientist Dr. Ma. Lourdes Aralar, and non-experimental carp stocks.

Aside from these, Typhoon Ondoy did not cause as much damage to BFS as Typhoon Milenyo did in 2006.

BFS Head Engr. Aralar talks with the families affected by the typhoon Evacuees find refuge at BFS. The intense rain brought about by Typhoon Ondoy caused massive flooding in the area, displacing many families. Because of this, the Sangguniang Barangay of Pipindan, through Barangay Captain Hoseas Montevilla, requested BFS Head Engr. Emiliano Aralar to let the families use the BFS Dormitory Building as an evacuation center. There are 20 families staying in the dormitory, with a total of 90 persons, including children.

BFS staff brought relief goods (food and clothes) for distribution to the evacuees.


Philippines Natural Disaster said...

It is very unfortunate for our Filipino brothers to be hit by typhoon Ondoy. I have seen the massive flooding and the flood victims on TV and it is really horrible.

Phils Calamities said...

Nice post. Thanks for sharing. I hope that preventative measures can be put in place soon. One thing that can be done which costs nothing is each individual take responsibility for their garbage and put it where it belongs instead of throwing it all over the streets, rivers, and everywhere else.