Dr. Clarissa Marte retires from AQD

After almost three decades of service, Dr. Clarissa Marte retires from AQD Dr. Clarissa Marte officially retired from AQD last September 15 after almost three decades of service.

She started working at AQD in 1977 as a Research Associate and eventually rose up the ranks. Among the positions she held during her long and distinguished career included the following: Head of Igang Substation; Supervisor of the Microtechnique Service Laboratory; Project Leader of the Finfish Broodstock Project, Technical Team Member of the National Bangus Breeding Program; and Head of the Breeding Section of the Research Division. She eventually headed two divisions of AQD: the Research Division (1987-1991; 1995-2003) and the Technology Verification and Demonstration Division (2007-2009).

Dr. Marte’s research work has focused on the reproductive endocrinology of marine fishes, particularly that of milkfish. Moreover, she was actively involved in AQD’s implementation of the Coastal Fishery Resources Management (CFRM)Project in Malalison Island in Culasi, Antique. In the process, she has authored and co-authored more that 40 papers published in local and international journals.

AQD Chief Dr. Joebert Toledo paid tribute to Dr. Marte, saying that she was his first boss. He considered Dr. Marte not only as a supervisor, but also a mother. He also remarked that given her experience as a researcher, AQD needs her wisdom and advice. Dr. Toledo expressed hope that she always have a place in her heart for AQD.

In his message, Deputy Chief Dr. Teruo Azuma said that the AQD community has a lot of respect for Dr. Marte. He also said that while he will miss her, he hoped that she could find time to visit AQD.

Training & Information Head Mr. Renato Agbayani reminisced that it was 50 years ago that he first met Dr. Marte when they were still high school students at the University of the Philippines Preparatory School. He also spoke of the time they worked together in Malalison, calling it an experience worth learning. “Mabuhay ka!” said Mr. Agbayani.

Other AQD staff also spoke about their experiences working with Dr. Marte, and they considered her not only as a boss but also as a friend, sister, tennis competitor, and an inspiration to the younger people at AQD.

Dr. Marte thanked everyone for their heartwarming messages and was glad that all of her efforts were appreciated. She also noted that many of those who worked under her have progressed into really good scientists and researchers. She also said that although she has retired, she will still be around for AQD.

As she begins another chapter in her journey, AQD wishes Dr. CLM good luck, godspeed, and all the best in her future endeavors.

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