Discussion on impact assessment methodologies

Dr. Aralar (seated, 3rd from left) together with workshop participants from PCAMRD and University of the Philippines Los Baños Scientist Dr. Ma. Lourdes Aralar participated in the Roundtable discussion on impact assessment methodologies in the fisheries sector from September 9-10 at PCAMRD (Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development), Los Baños, Laguna.

After the two-day discussion, the participants came up with a protocol on impact assessment, including the steps and methodologies in the aquatic and marine resources sector; and programs & activities in the fisheries sector ready for impact assessment evaluation.

Among the programs prioritized for impact assessment include the National seaweed R&D program, the UNDP‐GAINEX (United Nations Development Programme–Gain Export) program on milkfish, and the Genetic selection for salinity tolerant tilapia through hybridization. The Fisheries school-on-the-air, as well as the PCAMRD graduate research fellowship program, will also be evaluated. PCAMRD will fund the impact assessment of completed programs.

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